Learn Realistic, Action-Based Strategies That Work
to Overcome the Biggest Behavioral Challenges
You Face as a Parent

Parenting always took dedication and hard work. In 2020, it became exponentially harder because you are now doing it ALL. I know, your kids’ behavior can drive you nuts … they create chaos and stress you out … at times, you wonder why you had kids. (Yep, I really said it.)

I want you to know 2 things:

1. You’re not alone! I have talked with countless parents over the past few months, and they all felt alone. Like they are the only one struggling. What is happening within the walls of your home is happening in homes around the world right now. The struggle you face is not just yours alone. Come be part of a community that will support you every day. 

2. You CAN do this! Kids demand your attention, refuse to listen, make a mess, and push all your buttons, especially when you are spending 24 hours a day with them. You just want to get through the day and need some new tools to do so. I get it, and I am going to share my tool kit with you! You will get daily reminders that you CAN DO THIS!

'The Parents Doing It ALL Membership Program has provided wonderful snippets or reminders that I can manage work, my son's schooling, volunteering, and keep myself together. It isn't always the easiest but this group provides daily reminders that YES I CAN!!!'
Mary Ann - Mom and Active Member of Parents Doing It ALL 
This Group is for you if...
  •  You quit. Being a parent feels like too much right now and you would give notice, if only you could. You wish there was a way to make it all easier.
  •  You fear like a failure as a parent. You’ve tried idea after idea … from sticker charts and marble jars … You sometimes see a momentary shift and then fades. You wish someone could just tell you what to do and have it work!
  •  You hold your breath every time your on an important Zoom meeting … wondering how you are going to get through it with the appearance of professionalism because your children have no regard for your work schedule. You searched the internet for ways to get them to stop interrupting!  
  • You wonder if it is all from the pandemic. You want to chalk up your kids’ behavior to the pandemic but know that it was like tough before the 2020. You are looking for realistic ways to make it better immediately that will last!
  •  You’re completely overwhelmed by all of the decision making. There are just too many choices from what type of educational experience is best for your family to if it is safe for your kids to play with the neighbors. Your mind is muddled by all of the conflicting advice you receive. You just want some clarity! 
  •  You’re sad and disappointed and alone… because this isn’t what you pictured. You want community that will understand you and make the days feel easier. You want to know you are not alone!
 Parents Doing It ALL Membership Program
was created in the fall of 2020
because I heard you.
This is a space where you you can find answers and support, concrete tools and community!

'Dr. Marcie, the simplicity of your advice and guidance has changed my Mom life 10 fold. Not even 24 hours in and this is the first day in months we have not had tears.'
Amanda - Mom
Wondering what it will look like?
Check out what Dr. Marcie has already done

Since March 2020, Dr. Marcie has done over 100 videos for parents. Providing free support for parents around the world. From making these individual videos, she realized something:
More was needed. You don't need just one-off strategies and videos. 

You need ongoing community and consistent help.
So, she complied her knowledge into a
curriculum, added in community that meets every weekday live.

To get an idea of what the daily videos will be like, check out what she has already done!
How to deal with Toddler Defiance
Click the picture to watch Episode 76
What to do when your kid says NOOOOOOO
Click the picture to watch Episode 5
Giving and Receiving Compliments
Click the picture to watch Episode 29
Answering when your kids say, "I'm Bored"
Click the picture to watch Episode 38
"Whether we work on the day-to-day challenges of being a small being or bigger behavioral challenges, Dr. Marcie always makes it fun and productive."
~ Karen, mom
This is the Solution for Busy Parents!
Concrete Strategies that Work 
A Positive Supportive Community

Hi, I’m Dr. Marcie … a speaker, author, behavior specialist, and change motivator. I facilitate transformation for parents who want help changing their kids’ behavior.

My specialty is, in short, behavior. I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctorate (BCBA) level; I have my Doctorate (along with 2 masters degrees) from Teachers College, Columbia University; and I am a New York State Certified Special Education Teacher, as well as a New York State Certified Administrator. Along the way, I also became a certified yoga teacher and a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, completed Tony Robbins' Master University, and studied in cranio-sacral therapy. I am currently training to be certified in Organizational Behavior Management. I’m the #1 best-selling author of Love Your Family Again, best-selling author of Love Your Classroom Again, a regular contributor to NY Parenting, and have been featured on NBC, Fox, and Pix11, among other news outlets.

My broad academic background in behavior, combined with a plethora of experience transforming behavior, has helped thousands of families worldwide. I teach them how to understand how their kids’ minds work … how human behavior works … and how to take their rightful place as leader of the family.

During the pandemic, I have done over 100 live videos for parents, sharing tools and strategies to bring chaos under control in homes around the world. Now, rather than individual tools and one-off conversations, I have created a cohesive curriculum to implement in this group. 

The result? Systematic, lasting change with community support! Feel more confident, calm, and in control. Have a space where you can come with your questions and know there will help. And have your kids start behaving in ways that align with your family values. Yelling stopped (or at least reduced), work was getting done for both parents and kids, and meal time was actually pleasant.

Wouldn’t you love to experience this type of transformation in your own family?
Master My Most Powerful Strategies
While Getting A Daily Dose of
Positivity and Encouragement
Parents Doing It ALL Membership Group brings in the community you crave, with the tools you need and encouragement that will keep you going.  Get a daily infusion of positivity with practical solutions to your biggest challenges. This will allow you to achieve ongoing success and put yourself firmly on the path to creating long-term, positive change. What could be more needed right now?

When you invest in your family’s future, you’ll reap rewards the rest of your life.

How the Program Works

 Dr. Marcie - Live 5 Days a week

Join Today and Start Tomorrow!

Weekly Schedule: Monday-Friday at 10 am EST

Each Sunday, you will receive an email with the topic for the week and any documents you will need.

Every Monday, we will meet for about 30 minutes, to dive into the topic of the week.

Each Tuesday, review any additional details of the topic that did not get covered on Monday. Small steps lead to big behavior changes. So we go slow to make it practical.

On Wednesdays, there will be a live Question and Answer, sometimes your questions will reflect the topic of the week and sometimes you will have another important question. I answer them all :)

As for Thursday, you guessed it, to keep the conversation going with more concrete action based steps you can take to stay focused and build on the topic for the week.

Every Friday, we will celebrate! Share your action steps of the week and successes that you experienced. Recognizing the small steps is powerful and sharing it is when you will be able to see how amazing you are!

Set aside 10-30 minutes a day to engage with me and the group! Bring your kids along, and have them watch alongside you.

We meet in a private Facebook group - the settings are set so no one will be able to see anything unless they are also a member. Don't have Facebook - no problem - I also provide with a zoom link.

"Dr. Marcie is better than coffee on a Monday Morning"

~ Lori Turner, mom 

Each week, we’ll have a specific focus for our work together
Each week it will be different

Here topics we will cover:

Help With School

  • How to balance school needs (no matter what format your child is learning in this year) with working from home with life needs in your home. 
  • Making daily routines for school that are smooth and successful.
  • Learn ways to stop fighting with your children when you give them directions.
  • Finding a way to focus on your work, while your child is focused on their school work.

Building Emotional Intelligence - For You and Your Child

  • Find ways to be parent while emotions are running high.
  • See that anger, frustration and sadness are being a parent (and human) and how to not let it overshadow the amazingness of your family.
  • How to teach your children to navigate their feelings in constructive ways.
  • Learn that it is not about stopping our emotions, it is about learning to express them appropriately.

Morning and Bedtime Routines

  • How to use MY SIMPLE METHODS to change mayhem into structured action. 
  • You will learn what to say and what not to say to have mornings and evenings that actually work.
  • Create a routine so you are not trying to remember what else needs to happen before your day gets started, whether walk out the front door or walking to the living room table.

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity within Your Family

  • Understand the importance of proactively talking to your children about diversity.
  • Learn how to talk with your kids about racism and raise them to be anti-racist.
  • Open to new ways to align your ideals with your actions within your family and community.
  • Teach your children to be leaders and advocates for the values of your family.

Quality Time

  • Understand the difference between quantity of time together and quality of time in relation to family time.
  • Hear how quality time with your children reduces challenging behavior.
  • Figure out ways to enjoy time with your kids, even when you already spend 24/7 with your small beings.
  • Define the different quality times that are needed in your family: individual, family, adult, etc.

Creating Family Goals

  • Take time, perhaps for the first time in a long time, to decide what is important as a goal for your parenting.
  • How to break down your big goals into bite-sized, manageable pieces that become part of your day to day life. 
  • Work on having your overall family goals integrate into your daily life, so your small ones actually become the amazing humans you want them to be.

"Dr. Marcie definitely gave us practical, day-to-day strategies for how to deal with certain behavioral situations. But she also had a nuanced understanding of the specific cognitive issues we were dealing with, and addressed those issues in an extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and comprehensive way."

~ Sarah, mom

"The Program not only positively changed my son's behavior, but my husband and I are definitely more conscious of putting our phones away and really being 100% mentally present when focusing on our kids during our quality one-on-one time."

~ Elizabeth, mom of 2 small beings

TODAY Is the Best Time to Start!
You’ve already spent enough time hoping that it will change on it's own. That with maturity, this behavior will shift.

Trust me … the problems you are facing will not magically disappear. You have to choose a different way of parenting.

Start today to make the journey back to the family of your dreams. With the right tools and knowledge, you can get there faster and smoother than you think!

Blue skies are ahead! Let’s get there together.
P.S. If you still have questions - email me - info@behaviorandbeyond.net